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We have offices in South Africa (Cape Town and Bloemfontein). However, you can reach us from anywhere in the world through our Skype or other VOIP systems. Just click the Skype button to see if we are available. We also enter into email conversations to support our clients.

Naomi Suzane Kumst

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Peter Guess

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Merle Boshoff

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Merle Dunning - Boshoff had joined our team. 
Merle has a wise understanding of the world of the child that is borne out of many years of working with them in an educational environment. She views her daily interaction with children as the activity that allows her to fulfill her destiny.
Merle has been a teacher in the Waldorf tradition for the past 18 years. This includes 16 years at the Constantia Waldorf school and initiating a kindergarten school at Malmesbury Camphill  She lived and worked in the Camphill community where she was a Houseleader and a Director. Merle has three sons  (29 years, 26 years, 24 years) and recently celebrated the birth of her grandson.
Merle joined our team to support parents who are going through changes in their relationships, with the related challenges that their children then face. When the adult relationship is in trauma, or it changes from that of being partners to becoming co-parents, the children face a number of ongoing transitions which require daily practical adjustments on their part. Merle is able to assist parents to explore the questions and quandries of and develop some mindful, personalised approaches and solutions. 

For the sake of convenient access, this service is offered via telephone or Skype. It is pre-paid. Please make contact with Merle or any of us for more information.


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