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Welcome to our new calendar for appointments and events.

To book a provisional meeting as a CLIENT or ASSOCIATE follow these steps:

  1. Register as a member (top right on the sidebar) via your Facebook account (or your own email/password).
  2. Sign in using Facebook account - or your new login info (email/password).
  3. As a CLIENT (and MEMBER) you can create a single provisional appointment (event), but not a recurring event. Go to the Calendar. Click on +Add Event and edit the details. Remember to SAVE your entry.
  4. We will confirm this event with you by email or phone so leave your details in the "description".
  5. Associates can request "Administrator" rights to create recurring events. Email Peter Guess on: [email protected]

Thanks for using this planner to help conduct business more efficiently.

The One-2-One Team & Associates.

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